Using Flash Cards in Learning

Using Flash Cards in Learning

Using flash cards in learning will give a variation in learning. This post is hopefully to give inspiration about using flash cards in learning. Here you can find:

  • ​Reasons for using flash cards
  • What can use flash cards
  • Essential tools and requirements to make flash cards
  • How to use flash cards
  • Where to keep flash cards
  • FREE flash cards

Flashcards are great tools for learners in any age to study or get familiar with concepts or facts in some pieces of cards that can be carried around without giving too heavy-weight. Besides, we can either purchase or make it by ourselves.

Using Flash Cards in Learning

Reasons for Using Flash Cards

  1. Flashcards are portable
    Rather than carrying textbooks, which are quite weighty and spacious, flash cards will make your load much lighter. In addition, it is not going to be too geeky for other people to see. The small sizes will fit in the pocket.
    When you do a travelling, flash cards will save your space and load a lot. It is obvious that flash cards are much more portable.
  2. Flash cards give more focused attention
    There are a lot more writing in books that will make learners easily distracted from the amount of pictures and writing. Some children find it hard to concentrate on certain thing in the noisy books and media.
    Using flash cards, learners need to focus on one thing at one time. Therefore, they will be able to recall the facts mentioned in the flash cards faster than when they have to use the textbooks.
  3. Flash cards can be used for other purposes, such as 
  • display
    Visual learners will love the colorful flash cards with images a lot. Letting children to see the cards anywhere they go will make them easier to remember the facts.
  • games
    Learning with games will make the experience more fun. There are a lot of games available to engage learning. Flash cards can be alternates to the board games.
  • exam or test preparation
    There will be a lot of materials to resources to deal with when children go for exam or test. Carrying all of the books and materials at once will be very heavy and it will spend more energy than reviewing the materials itself. Flash cards will definitely ease the review time for children.
  • travelling kits
    SInce flash cards are portable, they will be a must have when you are travelling in the school time or before children are having exams or test. Children can review the facts in the car or any means of transportation with much fun situation. If you have more than one child, you can get the siblings help them reviewing the materials.
  • Flash cards will lead to the more systematic learning
    Making and using flash cards will let you choose the most important facts to review in a more comprehensive way so that learners will have shorter and more systematic version of the materials.
  • Flash cards give more independent learning
    Carrying flash cards will give learners more privacy and confidence in learning. Children also can learn more independently carrying the cards anywhere. They can ask anyone to help them review the facts.
  • What Can Use Flash cards

    Flash cards can be used in many subjects for various situation. Here are some examples of themes, topics, or materials that use flash cards


    • Periodic Table
    • Definitions
    • Anatomy
    • Formula in physics and chemistry
    • Animal facts
    • Plants facts
    • Classification
    • Solar System
    • Habitat facts


    • Multiplication and Division
    • Addition and Subtraction
    • Formula Summary
    • Geometry shapes
    • Angles
    • Trigonometry
    • Calculus
    • Fraction
    • Measurement facts


    • Events
    • FAQ
    • Short Biography
    • Ancient Facts
    • Historical landmarks


    • States and Capital
    • President facts
    • Country facts
    • Landmarks
    • Landforms
    • Flags

    Early Childhood

    • ​Numbers
    • Alphabets
    • Colors
    • Basic Shapes
    • Basic vocabulary
    • Nursery Rhymes

    Language Arts

    • Vocabulary
    • Word Works
    • Phonics
    • Figurative Languages
    • Parts of Speech
    • Writing Prompts

    Essential Tools and Requirements to Make Flash Cards

    Plain Card ​Stocks

    If you decide to use flash cards with your children, you need to have a stock of card paper. You just need to take some when you need to make flash cards. You can have a plain or colorful one. Pay attention to the thickness and weight of the cards. If you want to print it, you need to match it with your printer capability.

    Paper Trimmer

    If you use plain card stocks, you need paper trimmer to cut the paper if they don't meet the desired size. It will ease you work rather than cutting with either scissors or cutter. Try to pick one with blade replacement. There are 2 types of paper trimmer:

    • ​Guillotine 
    • Rotary

    There are also a combination of the types. Personally, I prefer the rotary one than the guillotine.


    If you use the blank card stocks, you might need to print your flash cards. You will also need a printer​ to print the free printable flash cards. I would like to suggest you to get a printer that can print on card stock. Not all printers can print on card stocks. Having a laser printer will be a good investment to get better and faster results.

    Permanent Markers

    You can also write on the card manually, especially when you use the blank flash cards. Some alternatives of using colorful ​


    ​Laminate your flash cards if you want to keep it lasting longer. A laminator would be a helpful tool to save time in the future. Here are some choice for laminator machines and kits:

    ​Blank Flash Cards

    If you don't need special size of flash cards, you can use blank flash cards instantly made for you by some suppliers. Amazon has some blank index cards that you can use without having to cut anymore. Here are some of them:

    Ring Binders

    Ring binders are very useful to bundle up all of the cards into one so you are not going to miss any of them and you will be able to use it more easily according to the topics or system. There are several sizes of the rings according to the number of cards to bundle up.

    ​Hole Puncher

    To put the ring binder in the cards, you will need a pair of hole puncher. Choose the pair that can hold more pieces of cards so you will not waste time.


    You should think about the flash cards storage from the first time you make flash cards or purchase one. Otherwise, you will just waste your time, money, and energy as you will easily miss them. Don't let your flash cards spread out and go nowhere. Collect them properly. The younger children will need them and there might be others who need them as well.

    How to Use Flash cards

    Flash cards can be used in many different ways. They can be an alternative toward the board games to engage learning. You also can use your creativity to be a game maker. Just make the flash cards and create the game rules. Children can also be involved in both creating the flash cards and the rules. Here are some links with great ideas of using flash cards in teaching and learning:

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    Where to Keep Flash cards

    There are a lot of ways to store the flashcards. Here are some storages you can use to store the flash cards, either with ring binders or not.

    Free Flash cards

    There are a lot of free printables of flash cards available in the Pinterest and I am going to add once in a week in my Pinterest board: Resources- Board and Flash Card Games. Check it out and follow:

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