Using Timer in Our Schooling

One of our goals for this academic year is time management achievement. By the end of this year, I expect us to be able to manage our daily life time, including our schooling time. How do we do that? I could not tell before this as I am a terrible time manager. Now I would like to share my imperfect time manager. I just strive with the time management effectivity in our “daily schooling” recently

  1. I bought three pieces of timers for kids last year. It looks like this:
    I didn’t use them properly last year. I was thinking how to use this tool more.
  2. Previously, I managed the time by myself. I didn’t count the detail for every lesson. Now I add the duration of each lesson in each of the kid’s time table. Each has special time table. I just upload one of them. It looks like this:
  3. We started at 07.30 with religious things for 30 minutes and everybody has their own timer during each lesson so they can control their time by themselves. Whenever there is a distraction like a visitor comes, answering phone call, etc that I cannot avoid, while they need my interference, they pause the timer. However, we try very hard to minimise the distraction as much as we can.
  4. The exact time typed in the time table is just for “standard time” we use to evaluate how our daily schooling time and our time management have been done. Based on the time table, we should spend around 4.5 hours of school time daily.
  5. At 12.00, we stop everything we are doing as we start to get Angelus at that time.
  6. When we achieve or get close with the standard spent time, we give reward for ourselves. Kids can play electronic games for one hour.

However, as we are homeschooler, we are quite flexible using this timer. The worst thing when we cannot do all of the things that we have already planned, we put them into Saturday or put the left out target into the next week both weekly and daily planner. Otherwise, we will be very stressful and it will lead us of getting burnt out easily.

Therefore, before we start the schooling time, we always pray so there won’t be any distraction so we can achieve our target in that day. I try to put the high value of time into our mind as time is a precious gift from God, our Lord.

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