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God First Loved Us: A Valentine’s Devotional Journal for Kids: A Review

Last week I was very confused about what we are going to do with our Valentine day. I was not sure of how to make our Valentine day more meaningful without spending too much money. By chance, the Valentine’s day usually comes around the same time with the Ash Wednesday or the opening of the Lenten for Catholic. Then, it is wiser to welcome both of the days with something more religious in our family. I heard that Heather from Life of a Homeschool Mom had been doing a special devotional book for Valentine and she has given me a free ebook to be reviewed. Here we go.
Life of a Homeschool Mom

Valentine devotional journal for kids

God First Loved Us: A Valentine’s Devotional Journal for Kids is a Valentine’s Bible Study that is perfect for children in grades 1-7. Younger children made need additional help from parents.
This devotional journal is a two week study that is designed to be used from February 1st-14th.

  1. Week 1: focuses on God’s love for the us
  2. Week 2: focuses on our call to love others

Each day is set up around one main Bible verse and the HEARTS acronym:

H– Handwriting practice {writing the verse of the day}
E– Exploring Scripture
A– Act {art, puzzles, journaling, service projects, crafts and more}
R– Reflect {a quiet time for reflection with prompts to get them thinking}
T– Talk to God {prayer time with prompts}
S– Share {telling others, service projects, baking, good deeds and more}

There are two versions of each journaling page, one with dotted handwriting lines for younger children and one with normal lines for older children.

Heather has provided some great critical questions to get kids think. Here is the question for reflection in day 1:

Take some time to think about your relationship with God. Do you think of yourself as being a child of God like you are a child of your parents? If not, why not? How is your Heavenly Father different than your parents on earth?

There are also some ranges of real life activities which are more than just words to say, to read, and to memorize. Kids will be guided to show their real love to others. This is much more precious than cards, cake, and flowers given without any understanding and awareness about LOVE.

I can’t wait to do this study with my children! This will be the first time we do a devotional welcoming the Valentine’s Day. At the same time, it will be a great way to teach about the Bible. Heather Bowen has got a brilliant idea to alternate the Valentine’s day celebration to a more religious and true love.

God First Loved Us is currently on sale for $2.99 {reg. price $7.99}

Click the picture below to find out more about God First Loved Us

Life of a Homeschool Mom

God First Loved Us: A Devotional Valentine’s Journal for Kids is a great way to get your children thinking more deeply about love through God’s eyes and realizing that true love is about much more than cards and candy.

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