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Vocabulary Quest: Learning While Playing Games

Vocabulary Quest, English Vocabulary program for middle school

English Vocabulary program for middle school like Vocabulary Quest is very high in demand. Learning new words in the early years might not be as complicated as when learners have entered middle school and beyond. First of all, there are more concrete words to learn than abstract ones. Next, younger children are still willing to use flashcards more frequently than older ones. Then, the words involved in the more advanced level are much more complicated to spell and to comprehend.

We are non-native English speakers and English is our foreign language as Indonesian and our second language in our homeschool. We use spelling books and works of literature to learn new words. We feel struggle to increase our collection of vocabulary and to measure our learning progress as older language learners.

Thus, we are very excited to be able to access English Vocabulary program for middle school and adults, Vocabulary Quest to upgrade and to measure our English vocabulary in much more fun ways. I received the product for free. I am compensated for my time. All opinions are honest, and I am not required to post a positive review

Vocabulary Quest, English Vocabulary program for middle school

How We Use Vocabulary Quest

Vocabulary Quest is not another boring program with flashcards and tests to learn and measure vocabulary. Instead, it has some steps that lead learners to master and maintain new words gradually and systematically.

Here are some activities we do with Vocabulary Quest to make learning English words more fun and faster.

  1. As first time users, we need to chose what kind of list we want to learn. There are A to Z, Easy to Hard, Frequency, and Random word list to choose from. We choose the Easy to Hard for kids and me. It is like doing warming up to direct our learning process.
  2. We choose easy for our learner and normal for me in terms of the difficulty levels.
  3. There are several levels in the quest and they are divided into several sublevels to finish in sequence.
  4. For each sublevel, there are 5 words to work on. Here is our sequence of learning for the small chunk:
    1. Flashcards are to introduce the words and review. We don’t spend much time in this stage, for honest.
    2. Several types of challenge to practice before the battle which includes multiple-choice, matching games, crossword puzzle, and fill in the blank.
    3. Finally, we have to join the battle to pass the sublevels. The Arena battles are good for testing long term memory.
  5. Vocabulary Quest will collect any words we struggle with in learning. We can learn them in a separate section. We also can create our own customized list.
Vocabulary Quest, English Vocabulary program for middle school

What Makes Vocabulary Quest Special

There are a lot of online vocabulary programs available you might consider to use with your children. However, you might need to try using Vocabulary Quest before you decide to take other products. Here are some features that make me fall into this program.

Economical Price

There are several online vocabulary programs we have ever tried. Most of them required a subscription to get the best out of the offered features. Vocabulary Quest has a one-time payment. It really eases our budget! We can use our budget for other needs and requirements.

In addition, with the one-time payment, we still get lifetime access to the program! We also can install the program into different computers.

Besides, Vocabulary Quest allows access to an unlimited number of users. If you have multiple children in your family like us, you will be very happy with this feature. We have 3 sons and all of then get access to this program.

Simple and Effective Method

Our kids enjoy Vocabulary Quest because they don’t need books or flashcards to memorize new words. They memorize new words automatically by playing games. The desire to win the game makes them memorize new words with fewer efforts.

Kids also don’t need to sit down for hours with their flashcards, but they will only need 10 to 15 minutes daily to learn new words with games, as it is suggested by the program.

Vocabulary Quest has a simple and fun learning pattern to follow as we mentioned previously. Instead of being scared and terrified with the battles, we are looking for them to pass the level by level. It really feels like using the other online games, rather than doing tests. Therefore, we can learn faster in the captivating vocabulary program.

English Vocabulary program for middle school to Adult

Spelling and vocabulary become more and more boring along with the higher grade a learner will be. As I said previously, younger learners will use flashcards to work on these areas, but when they have a more advanced level, they will be lazier and lazier to use the traditional tools to learn new words. Therefore, Vocabulary Quest accommodates the need for older and more advanced learners to learn vocabulary and spelling.

There are more challenges which are fit the need of 5th grade to adult learners.

Honestly, It is not only kids who like this program, but I might enjoy it more than they do. In my opinion, after using this program, I feel that the learning time passes very fast.

Encourages spelling

Vocabulary Quest has several tools to help learners memorizing, reciting, and rewriting words. We also learn how to spell words at the same time. Crossword puzzle and fill in the blank give learners a chance to learn to spell because we have to type the answer without any options and clue to the words other than the descriptions.

Easy to Use:

I always think that I might be too old to play games. I am not as good as I was. I don’t observe how my sons use this program at first time. He just can run it by following the direction step by step. Then, I also use this program and think that this is easy to use.

Vocabulary Quest, English Vocabulary program for middle school


If you have children in middle school, high school, and any adults who want to learn more about English words, I would like to recommend the English Vocabulary Program for middle school, Vocabulary Quest like what we are using at the moment. It is a fun way to upgrade your vocabulary.

How to Access Vocabulary Quest

  • Vocabulary Quest is available for Windows operating system. Thus, you will need to check if you run this operating system.
  • Just pop up on the site to access the download after payment.
  • Once you finish installing this program, you will be ready to run it.

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