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Welcoming Christmas with Melk, the Christmas Monkey

Who is another hero of Christmas other than Santa? Here is Melk, the Christmas Monkey who is going to help you prepare the #Christmas #ChildrenActivity

Many people are always waiting for Christmas. Talking about Christmas, I never forget how our children love Melk The Christmas Monkey. Another Christmas is always waiting on the timeline. Some people give a heavy tendency toward the spiritual preparation toward Christmas through the advent period, but others will enjoy the party preparation for the holiday and new year.

There isn’t much Christmas physical preparation here, but we can see some the artificial pine trees and Santa decorations displayed in the malls. Santa is still the most popular hero in the holiday time here. Therefore, I was very interested to hear about Melk the Christmas Monkey as I only know about one hero in Christmas here, Santa. The presence of Melk, the Christmas monkey has trigger my curiosity to know more. I thought it was only merely a character, but once I got the book, I was very happy to see some lessons and arts delivered at the same time.

As other Christmas characters or heroes that have dolls or miniatures, the presence of monkey doll will make the message and lessons more engaging. Well, I haven’t looked for a monkey doll around here at this moment, but I am planning to have one for my kids. You might be asking why we need the doll and what is Melk the Christmas Monkey doing here. Let me try to share it in drips.

What is Melk, the Christmas Monkey?

Melk is a book of 30 Bibles lessons and activities created to teach children who God is during the Christmas Advent season. The lessons give highlights to Melk, a cute monkey, accompanying children and family at Christmas. We can say that it is a Christmas character like Santa, elf, etc. Melk writes a letter every day in 30 days before Christmas. Melk is going to help you count down the days before Christmas.

What does Melk do?

For 30 days, Melk will do certain action as it is directed in the book and wait somewhere in the morning with its letter.

  1. Parents and children are supposed to read the letter. The letter has some themes about the characters of God.
  2. In each lesson in the book, we have a message related to the bible that we can read to get in-depth about it.
  3. There is also some hands-on or arts activities related to the lessons.

When are we supposed to get along with Melk, the Christmas Monkey?

As the title of the book: Melk, the Christmas Monkey, we supposed to have Christmas atmosphere in doing the lessons. According to the instruction, Melk is supposed to give a lesson on November 30. Since the lessons are 30 days, I prefer to start it earlier so that we can finish right before Christmas.

Who can enjoy Melk, the Christmas Monkey?

Melk, the Christmas Monkey would be suitable for all Christian families, especially those who have children in the elementary and kindergarten levels. Anyway, it doesn’t close the door for families with multi-aged children. The older children can help the younger one to the activities. Even they can work together finishing the lessons.

We don’t have any monkey doll. So …

We also don’t have any monkey doll here as I said previously. Don’t worry about this. You might use any hero doll to help you visualize any Christmas hero. You might have Elly the Christmas Elephant, Plupy the Christmas Elephant, etc.

Most younger kids love heroes and some of them still maintain adore the heroes until they are growing up. The presence of Melk, the Christmas Monkey or any other hero will let them more excited in welcoming the Christmas day.

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