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Welcoming December 2013

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Welcoming December 2013It is already the tip of the year. How fast the time is running. There are some different things happen in this year December.

  1. There will be Christmas around the world. I am excited to see many Christmas tradition from around the world. This Christmas will be quite different. I haven’t thought any of Christmas decoration yet. Even I still haven’t checked whether our Christmas tree will stand upright or not. I should go around to make a good and proper one. I might get a DIY Christmas decoration with kids. It is a tradition for us not to decorate our house before the third week of Advent.
  2. As December is the last month in this year, as a tradition to welcome the new year, we need to recheck the maintenance of our house. It means some extra cleaning for the room and house. Some charity on clothes and toys needs to be prepared.
  3. This year people in our house are expecting a baby boy of my youngest sister who always help me in cooking, baking, and art working. Her due date is supposed to be 31 December 2013. He is going to be her fourth child and her first son. We are very happy for this. He is going to be the seventh child in our house. We cannot wait to see how he looks like as he shares the same family line with my husband and the same family line with me. December will be a busy month for us as we live here as a big family.
  4. My younger sister who lives far away from us is in her seventh month pregnancy on December 2013. My mom is super duper busy. The seventh month for the first baby has a special ceremony in Javanese culture. As she lives far away from us, both my mom and dad have to travel to her city to help her with the ceremony. Unfortunately I cannot visit her as the ceremony will be on the week day when my husband cannot leave his work. Anyway, I am incredibly happy for her as she has been waiting for this pregnancy for seven years.
  5. This is also the first year for my husband to do his ministry as a deacon or a priest assistant in our parish. Christmas Eve and Christmas masses must be a busy event for him at church. Therefore, we cannot leave Surabaya to prepare the things before and the D Days.
  6. December is the last month of the year. It is a time to track back what we have done and to evaluate what have worked and which ones need to improve. It is also the time to make a next year resolution and planning. Wow… it is a time to reorganize everything for me so that January, the new year will be ready to settle. It is a great homework for me. I think I also would like to involve my husband and children in this ask.
  7. We might not be able to go to our hometown in Malang this year regarding the baby preparation and my husband ministry. It means that we have to think together how to make the Christmas time in our home looks and sounds really Christmas. Usually we celebrate Christmas and/or New Year in our hometown.
  8. December is also my Birthday Month. This year I celebrate my 36th birthday. I was born in Snake year based on the Chinese zodiac. This is my third year of snake. It means I have celebrated my third cycle of Snake year. I am also going to have a “Snake” nephew. There are going to be double “snakes” in our house. LOL…
  9. This month we are settling our home gym room which is next to our learning room. We share the room together with our brother, sister, and parents. It is an unplanned one. My husband and I always went to the gym together twice a week. Due to some occasions that made us could not leave home, we had to workout at home with some dumbbells, a ball, a mattress, and a bench. It has been working very well and we planned to invest an adequate treadmill for both of us, but our parents and siblings would like to share and add a static bike and more investment. What a great blessing for us.
  10. My former student who is studying in the United States is going home in the middle of December and she is really kind to bring me some books that I just purchased in this Black Friday. It is a blessing that I don’t have to pay the huge amount of money for shipping.

Well, what a busy month this December going to be. Thanks God for everything that we have done so far. I hope that everything will be alright and runs as we plan.

What are to be your biggest events in December 2013?

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