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What Do The Children Get from Copy Work?

What Do The Children Get From Copy Work

What Do The Children Get From Copy Work?
Paperless education style is getting more popular in the recent educational world. You might want to save the planet by using the paperless. However, the idea won’t work at all when you come across to the topic of handwriting. Not all matters in the world will be able to use the digital or electronic gadgets. Therefore, handwriting is a matter for us. Considering the importance of handwriting, we are trying now to improve our handwriting. Although my children are in the 3rd, 7th, and 8th grades, they believe that it is not too late to improve their handwriting. In order to improve their handwriting, we have decided (together) that we are doing copy work activities.

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How The Boys Come To The Decision of Copy Work

If you are a loyal fan of Miss Charlotte Mason homeschooling method, then copy work is not something unfamiliar. The activity might be a routine in your daily homeschooling life. Honestly, we had never thought a lot about the importance of copy work activities for children. It sounds such a boring activity to do copy work for the boys. They didn’t really like the monotonous activities. Copy work seems just for girls and “little children” in the point of view of my sons at first. I cannot force them hard for them.

However, the stereotype has just changed as they finally asked me to do the copy work activities by themselves. It really made me shocked instantly.

Upgrading The Handwriting

Our copy work activities are intended to upgrade the children’s handwriting actually. Copy work is not too late for us in this case. The boys wish that they can improve the style of their handwriting to ease themselves. Departing from the messy cursive they learned in the public school, they want to start a newly style of handwriting. They get bored with their recent handwriting.

The Unique Meaning of Handwriting for The Children

Before they were willing to upgrade their handwriting, I just told them that tidy handwriting is cool. It seems that the motto has already stuck in their mind. I had never thought that they would be care about how cool the image of have good handwriting. It seems that parents can make good handwriting as a motivating trend for children starting the copy working activities.

To conclude, their main motivation for the teenagers doing copy work activities is to improve their writing performance in terms of style and speed to be recognized as cool person.

What The Children Get from Copy Work Activities

The motivation or the background of the teenagers is really different from how the early learners, let’s say those just recognize the alphabets, have the copy work activities. Let’s see how the typically boring activities of copy work can help the children from K to 4.

Training The Motor Skills

The development of children is different one from another. It is also applied to the soft motoric skills which are usually stimulated by writing with hands. On average, children on the age of kindergarten have been introduced to reading and writing in Indonesia and it might be around the world. The development of the motor will be growing for life, although it is not as significant as the golden ages of early year childhood. In my 30s, I still can feel it. It might stop when someone has the sign of declining naturally. However, we should be able to grow up the motor and maintain it with the copy work.

Copywork is not only for young children, but learners can do the activities for growing and training the motor skills. It is like a physical exercise for children and your hands as well. I believe that the growth will be stimulated and the decline will be slowed down.

Training The Memory

Copy work is a part also in training the memory. In the copy process, learners need to:

  • See the words
  • Say the words
  • Hear the words they said
  • Write the words already in the memory

The process is various in duration. The young learners might take longer time to finish the process, but the more advanced learners might not feel that they do the process when they do the copy work activities.

Enrich The Vocabulary and Spelling

Rather than memorizing the spelling rules and the new words or vocabulary on purpose or regularly, it is better to get your brain see, say, hear, and write them. When learners often recognize and proceed new words in their mind, they will have a habit to “plant” the new words in their mind easily.

Well, as you know, we are not English speakers. Reading and copy working are two ways we do to enrich our vocabulary. There isn’t any special time for learning new words and spelling.

Learning Grammar and Mechanic

Copy work is not just a duplication lesson. We highlight some sentences with parts of speech. From good literature, we learn the good structures and mechanics. We are always reminded to put the punctuation marks and the capital letters. In addition, we also learn the writing styles from various writers and get emerged with the work.

Appreciate and Enjoy The Literature

If you love the Charlotte Mason methods, then living books must be your daily digest. Doing copy work of some quotes or parts of the living books will be very helpful to get the message sent in the living books. A couple of my children don’t like reading longer text. Giving the literature work in bites will get them interested to know more about it. Copy work will give the children more motivation to read.

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