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When Homeschooling Doesn’t Make Everyone Happy

When Homeschooling Doesn't make you happy

Many people think that homeschooling sounds like the perfect education style for all families around the world. In the reality, there is a time when homeschooling doesn’t make everyone happy. First of all, parents are often unhappy with homeschool:

Messy House

I don’t know with other homeschoolers. Most of homeschoolers’ house or rooms are not tidy at all here. It includes ours. I am not happy with the mess in our room. It takes more time to tidy up than to mess it up. To deal with this problem, I try hard to get kids putting everything back to the right place as soon as they finish using the things. However, some people say that messy learning place means we work. Of course it is just correct in one way.

Noisy House

Our house has never been quiet if kids don’t play the electronic games. Honestly, being noisy is much better rather than being quiet as long as it doesn’t disturb others and as long as it is not quarrel. Why?

  1. Noisy means alive
  2. Noisy means children interact

However, being noisy all of the time can be very annoying and decrease the concentration. To deal with this problem, we try to have quiet time. It is the time for everyone to do personal work. It can be reading or some hobby.

Unfinished Schedules

I have tried a lot of ways of planning for our homeschooling. It was started with a basic traditional planning to the electronic planning like what I am doing right now. Even I make my own homeschooling planner for others and student planner. Unfotunately, we often don’t finish the schedule as it was planned. It might be due to the flexibility of homeschooling. I feel ashamed of this.

To deal with this problem:

  1. Arrange the plan based on the children capability to finish. Each child is different. I might have expected too much from them.
  2. I try hard to concentrate to be more sensitive with my children’s need when they are learning so that I can help them earlier before the lessons become longer.
  3. Emphasize the function of schedule to children and try hard to stick with it.

Unorganized Administration

I am often neglectful with the administration, I confess. I often don’t list or record the test or assignment score on the list. Based on the previous experience, I always ask kids to write their name and the test or assignment’s date on the paper before I write the score on it. I arrange all test and assignment on a pile so that I can write them out on the list once in a month or even in each quarter. It is very lazy, right? In fact, that is what I can do to help myself.

I don’t really care about the number, but I know what they achieve and I just take action as soon as they get their score. If they have not achieved the standard, we need to try again reviewing the topics, but if they have already achieved the goals, I would like to give enrichment.

Uncontrolled Emotion

It often happens to myself. I am not a patient mom at all. The patience is developed day by day. It was started with ZERO. Talking about patience, I love reading a book by Tabitha Philen that I reviewed previously, Even Tempered Mother. Although the emotion is still not controlled sometimes, it is much better right now. I rarely yell now. At least it is not as it was. I also love the Family Toolbox a lot. Praying is a really great way to reduce it, beside reading those books and tools.

Children sometimes look grumpy for being homeschooled. Well, honestly I often think whether they were grumpy because of being homeschooled or not. Please don’t think negatively about this issue. Even the schooled children often look grumpier than the homeschooled children. A child sometimes don’t really think what makes them grumpy. Even sometimes they just blame themselves of being homeschooled children as they have not found the real reasons of being grumpy or being in a bad mood.

For grumpy children problem, you might consider what I usually do:

  1. Ask the child from heart to heart in a conducive situation. A quiet and peaceful environment would be the best to do this.
  2. Help your child with logical thinking to analyze their problem. I think it is a time to educate children with self reflection.
  3. Discuss with children how to solve the problem. Can they find a way to deal with it?
  4. Think about how you as a parent can help them with the problem.
  5. If you have younger children that still cannot share well, you might need longer time to understand them. However, it depends on the children themselves. Not every child is the same.
  6. I was often caught to react emotionally, but as the time is going on, I think I get better in this case. Getting emotional will not make the problem better. Even it can lead into a worse situation when the children don’t trust you.
  7. An agreement between parents and children can be made to  get a win – win solution.

Here are some things that often make my children look unhappy:

  1. Parents try to stop children playing games
  2. The Play date is Canceled
  3. Children want to play and to learn in a group
  4. Some children might want to be alone without parents

It is not only related with parents and children who are involved directly in the daily life, but others can be unhappy with how we manage our homeschooling. There should not be any reason for them to be unhappy with how we homeschool our children as long as we don’t annoy them. Here are some issues that might lead all homeschoolers unhappy since it shows how we are far away out of being perfect:

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One thought on “When Homeschooling Doesn’t Make Everyone Happy

  1. i can't stand School says:

    Generally, I have the same opinion. School is simply
    helping to make many teens unhappy, and they hate school
    a great deal.

    They can quit caring about almost everything around them simply because they’re exceptionally depressed.

    They might become much happier if they possessed
    a choice, if they had been able opt to quit attending school.

    Their mothers and fathers have all the rights,

    It’s actually nasty – If only far more moms and dads would realize this!

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