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When The Light Went Out

Living in the modern days will be a disaster when the electricity suddenly goes out in the evening. You might be used to such kind condition, but it is quite hard for us here. Let’s say thank you to all scientists that have invented electricity stuffs so we can have the light with all of electronic devices and entertainments. You might never experience this condition, but we do here sometimes like what happened this evening. It was a three hours electricity burnout. It was still lucky that the weather was not as hot as usual. The rainy season has just started. Kids were confused what to do. We have emergency lamps, but we just use them before or during sleeping considering the risk of using candles. We use candles for lightning our house. My mind just flew away to the era of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House in the Prairie. We returned to a very traditional old life without the light. It was very warm to spend the night without electricity. I think we need to do it by purpose sometimes. Then, some ideas about how to spend the night with the family without electricity.

  1. Story telling with shadow will be a very fascinating activity for children. Shaping your hands between the wall and the candle light will make shadows that you can use together telling a story cooperatively. The story telling can be done by one person, as a chain, or a dialog like a drama. Everyone will develop the creativity in both verbal language and movement arts.
  2. Playing music and singing along nursery rhymes, folk songs, oldies songs using the candle light will be another amusement. Even just singing and clapping without instruments will be a great activity to kill the time without electricity. Piano, guitar, harmonica, cans as percussion, ring bell or any stuff has similar function are some non electronic alternative instruments.
  3. Going out of the house at night under the moon to meet the neighbors and chat along with them is a common tradition found in suburban settlement, small town residence, or village in Java (Indonesian most populated island where I live). Parents meet parents when children are playing together. However this tradition is getting rare as it fades with the modernization era which promotes any kinds of more individualistic entertainment. Spending the night outside with the neighbors when the light is out can be a great social activity.
  4. Having some barbecue outdoor with children is a fun activity when there isn’t any electricity. Some sausages, meatballs, corn, and chicken satay might be great companions for your family.
  5. Doing some either experiments or activity with candle will be exciting for kids. Of course adults companion is a must. Kids can practice how to turn on the candle. We can discuss with them about safety using candles. They can practice how and where to place the candle stick safely.
  6. Playing board games can be a great fun to spend the night without electricity. Choose the right board games that don’t need much light to read.

Leaving the use of electricity might be a hard time for us, but some of the times it can give a warm atmosphere in the family. It is much greater when the temperature was not hot. Can you imagine when the light dies out and the weather is very hot at the same time with the mosquitoes flying around us in a pretty crowded house? We have experienced that. Going outside and chatting are both the best thing to do.

Do you often experience night without electricity?
Would you share any at home family activities to do during the situation?

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11 thoughts on “When The Light Went Out

  1. Amanda Love says:

    I remember experiencing having no electricity when there was a black out in NYC a few years ago. It was the worst experience for the kids but I enjoyed it. Those are some great tips and we can even pretend there is no light every once in a while and do some of them.

  2. Missy Homemaker says:

    When I was little girl, we lost power often whenthe weather was bad. We used kerosene heaters and oil lamps. We would play board games and card games and then roast hot dogs and marshmallows in the fireplace. Those are good memories.

  3. Rach D says:

    I admit we haven’t had too much experience with this…once that I can recall off of the top of my head. We used the gas fire place to warm us up, and the sun was up, so really it wasn’t all that bad. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Might need in future!

  4. Jen Weaver says:

    Such creative ways to turn a negative into a positive experience! Thanks for sharing on the Make A Difference Monday’s Linkup, I’ll be sure to remember these great ideas for the future!

  5. Susan Evans says:

    Growing up in Guatemala, the lights went out all the time. We just did our homework by candle light. A couple of years ago when we were studying Pilgrims, we ate by candle light, and the kids loved not using electricity.

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