Why and How to Stop and Manage Anger

Why and How To Stop and Manage Anger FB
Why and How to Stop and Manage Anger

Being angry is one way to express our feeling to others. Everyone has feeling and it is not wrong to express our feeling rather than keeping it. Keeping our thought and feeling inside our mind will just make us sick sooner or later. However, too frequent anger will just make more problems for yourself, for others, and for your environment.

I am not a patient homeschooling mom at all. I often get angry to my children and I am completely aware that in many reasons I am wrong. I should stop being angry and I should have got strategies to manage my anger.

Reasons To Stop Being Angry


​The most common result of being angry is being tired. When you are angry you will feel that your muscles contract a lot. You will have pressure physically and mentally. It is also sometimes difficult to stop the anger. When are you going to finish it? It is better to use your energy for other useful things, rather than for anger. It might be easy to talk and difficult to do, but this is a fact.



I often feel guilty after being angry to my children, for honest​. I often don't think about their feeling and the result of my anger. This guilty feeling will just be in the end and it is very hurtful. By being angry, I have lost my good time with them that we should have had together.



When you are angry, you might use uncontrolled voice and physical attack. That are very annoying for people around. If you just continue, you won't give enough respect to them. Can you imagine how it sounds to your children and other people who hear your voice? You will look so ugly.

I don't try to irritate you. It also happens to me as well.​ I think it also happens with anyone and anywhere.



Being angry without control often makes people get sick. You will be stressful and there isn't any peace as well. ​You might have high pressure, heart attack, and other complicated health problems when you have unstable or uncontrolled emotion.


Not Solving

Being angry ​without control will not solve problems usually. Our logical reasoning is often blocked with the emotion. Therefore, we will think less clearly. With that condition, the problem we have will not be able to solve. It might get worse since it is our emotion that work.



Being angry can be a habit and it can be a temperament or character in the end. We will get used to this and feel that our day will not be complete without anger. Oh no ... we don't like it, but would have been too late when we don't turn it off.


5 Ways to Manage Your Anger



An angry mom often loses her temper and reasons for even just common and simple things. Don't let yourself get out of control so that you will do something silly or not important that can lose or endanger both yourself and others.

  • Think what are the reasons to get angry?
  • Will getting angry change or solve the problem? A normal anger might give more emphasize of what you want, but is it important to be angry? Is being angry the only way for you to solve the problem.
  • Can you think from different point of view? If you get angry to a person, can you think from the person's point of view? If you get angry toward some something, think whether it will change the condition compared to what other people will think about you.
  • What can you do to solve the problem rather than being trapped in anger?

Self Talking

Being angry is sometimes a habit. Believe it or not, I am often trapped to the habit, for honest. I remember that some self-suggestion will help us to confirm ourselves to achieve our goals. It might sound crazy that you smile and talk to yourself in the morning:

I don't want to be angry today. I have to control my emotion and smile... #selfcontrol

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​Go to the mirror, smile, and confirm yourself to control your temper or emotion.


Talk to Others

Don't either bury or explode your anger as it will hurt yourself. Why don't you try to talk and express your feeling, thinking, and emotion one by one so you will feel more release. You don't need to expect others understand your problems or have the solution for your. Just talking to others will make you better.

It is suggested that you have somebody who can listen to you. If you don't have anyone to talk, go to the virtual world to chat. You also can write your problem like in a dairy.



Reflection is like an evaluation to your improvement in controlling your emotion. If you want to change your angry habit, a report or a track will be important. Have a little time before sleep to think about what you have done during the day will make you better. You will see yourself in the days. See how terrible you look and feel when you are angry. It will give you more motivation to improve yourself controlling the emotion better.



Satan is everywhere. Well, I am a Christian, but whatever your religion is, being angry is not recommended at all. Not all human is created with a good feature of patience. Even when you have a great tank of patience, the temptation of being angry might come unexpectedly. 

Some religious activities, such as praying and reading scripture will remind us to avoid the lost of control.

7 Days to a Less Angry Mom​


Being angry can be a natural condition of someone. It means that the person is born with high temper. However, being angry is also a habit triggered by the condition around us. This kind of anger is really disturbing and harmful. We need to take an action to overcome our anger.

Today I would like to share The 7 Days to a Less Angry Mom video online course from Alicia Michelle at Your Vibrant Family with my readers. You are going to learn how to manage, overcome, and prevent anger in steps by steps and in a group.

Why Moms Needs To Join

  • You want to STOP
    Being angry all of the time is very harmful and as I mention previously, you need to stop. More intensive and focus action will be a great support with your personal effort to change yourself
  • You need HELP
    None can help you better than yourself. Your strong will is the main need. However, your will can easily burn out and you will fail at the same time. When you fail, you will get more reluctant to try again. In this course, you will have a group where you can share, encourage, and help each other.
  • You will integrate the BIBLE
    This course is created especially for Christian moms. There are several bible verses related to the anger feeling that are shared to help the Christian moms reflect themsleves avoiding the over-anger.
  • You need to SOLVE and PREVENT
    There are over 50 pages of workbook that will guide you to know yourself better in emotion and condition that trigger the anger. By knowing yourself better, you will come to the solution to prevent the worst.
  • You are TIRED
    Nobody likes being angry, I think. With strong will or incidentally you should have tried to stop being angry. The effort will often make you tired. If it is NOT NOW, then WHEN are you going to stop. You are exhausted as being angry itself is tiring. Your effort to stop is more tiring and make you EXHAUSTED.
  • You have BUSY DAYS and NIGHT
    Women are made of hormone. Moms are very busy with the various roles in the family and work (if you work). Moms are easily to be angry for that reasons. You need to learn how to control yourself in the busy roles and times.


What You Get

Rather than paying for medicine caused by the anger, it is better to spend less money and risk with the course. with only $39, you will get safer ways to help you controlling your anger.


The Course Contains


Each power-packed session is 10-18 minutes long


Charts, journaling prompts--this is your action plan to change


Get accountability and encouragement as you grow


7 Days To A Less Angry Mom Online Course

Day 1 - Understanding The Big Picture about Anger

Day 2 - Identifying Our Current Anger Sources

Day 3 - Establishing "Offensive" Strategies

Day 4 - Learning "Defensive" Strategies

Day 5 - Creating New Habits

Day 6 - Living in Reality: When Anger Strikes Again

Day 7 - The Journey Forward (and the Legacy)


How to Get The Course

The course is available online and you just need to enroll and do some payment.  Click the picture bellow to get more information.





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