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5 Strong Reasons Homeschool Moms Have to Start Blogging

There are many ways people can do online business. Blogging is one powerful way to start it. While you are homeschooling, you can do blogging at the same time. Today I would like to share why homeschool moms start a homeschool blog. Will blogging always distract your homeschool, household, family, and personal life? If you are looking for a way to work from home while homeschooling, you come to the right place. Check out these 5 Strong Reasons Homeschool Moms Have to Start Blogging.

It might sound hard to do, but it is not impossible for homeschool moms to work outside the home. However, when moms need to be a breadwinner, working at home while homeschooling should be more comfortable for both moms and children. We still can get money while we control children at home.

While you are homeschooling, you can do blogging at the same time. Today I would like to share why homeschool moms start a homeschool blog.

Why Homeschool Moms Start a Homeschool Blog

I started my blog out of my curiosity and to experience the blogging world, Honestly, the other personal reason to start my blog was to get the US$ to purchase non-Indonesian curriculums to homeschool children. My Indonesian Rupiah currency rate is extremely lower than the US$. Therefore, I will avoid using my currency to purchase products at the US$ price. Thus, I find that blogging is a way to meet the need.

You might have the same background and main reason as I do to start a homeschool blog. That sounds like a trivial and too personal reason, but it is real. I started from really a scratch because I learned everything from zero, without any online background. I didn’t know any other niche I can work on as well.

After working on this blog, I just realized that there are many reasons for homeschool moms to start a homeschool blog.

Seeking for Encouragement and Confidence

Internal encouragement can be weaker and weaker without personal/and external confirmation and reconfirmation. One important role of a homeschool blog is to encourage other homeschool moms. Writing encouragement for others in home education life will give more self-confirmation and confidence to homeschool.

Encouragement is very important for homeschoolers. By encouraging others, I also encourage myself. I have been encouraged by other bloggers a lot and now it is my turn to take part. This is a part of my ministry.

Homeschooling was still very rare in my country. There were a lot of homeschool nay-sayers when I started. Rather than convincing them about the good things about homeschooling, it is better to show them your writing and proofs. Just use the principle of “silence is golden”.

Building a Portfolio

Homeschool, school at home, public school, and private school… What are the differences? It is very clear in my country. One of the differences is scoring or marking. It is very obvious in my country. Hands-on activities are obviously “forced” at school, and most of the time done by parents. The curriculum is very crowded.

As you know, homeschooling will allow more time for hands-on and interest-based activities. it will need more time for parents to prepare and to wrap up. However, the results will be more fabulous in most conditions that the traditional test.

  1. A homeschooling blog can track the hands-on activities and children’s projects. They can be a wonderful memory for you and your children rather than doing the traditional written tests.
  2. Besides, your project records in your homeschool blog can be a portfolio for your state or formal document administration.
  3. With your homeschool project posts, you can challenge your creativity and give inspirations to other educators and readers. You will be a blessing for others with your blog.

Entertain Yourself

There are some times that homeschool moms feel overwhelmed, bored, and lonely to work on their roles as a wife, a homeschool mom, a babysitter, a teacher, a maid, a cook, etc. There are a lot of things to finish that make them under pressure.

By blogging, homeschool moms have a chance to socialize with other bloggers and learn a lot of new things in terms of blogging and homeschooling. It will give a breeze in their daily life to meet the readers and other homeschoolers virtually in social media and newsletters

Enrichment through The Virtual Networks

Being a homeschooling blogger will give you more chances to meet other homeschoolers and bloggers around the world. It is more possible to develop yourself spiritually and intellectually. You will open your mind to the vast world out there and apply what is good and suitable for your homeschool, blog, and business.

You can meet them in some FB homeschool groups, online homeschool conferences, blog hops. There will be some interactions and experience exchanges among the member groups personally or in groups. It is also possible for you to start your own online community or mastermind that allows you to enrich yourself.

Train Your Ability to Learn

It is not always easy for homeschool moms to struggle and exist in the blogging world. Blogging demands a lot of learning and updates. Technology, algorithm, and trends change. To survive, you will need to update yourself with courses, networks, and experience. If you are a learning adventure like me, you will love the process. In addition, you can exemplify children to keep learning and update their knowledge.

Get Extra Income

There are many ways homeschooling blogger moms can help their family finances using either their blog or their skills. Even, they can use both their blog and blogging skills to make money like what I do.

A blogger can get incomes from

  • ads
  • affiliate fee
  • online store
  • courses
  • sponsor posts
  • etc

With your blogging skills, you can also help others to manage their online business

When A Blogger is Overwhelmed

There are also some stages in blogging. When homeschool moms start a homeschool blog, they might be excited and enthusiastic to work solo. This stage might happen for a while before your blogging activities give trouble. It happened to me when I have to juggle a lot between homeschooling and blogging. It is lucky that I still can handle it. When you have such a problem, you can hire some virtual assistants. It means you are on the way to take blogging more seriously as a business.

Since I have experienced the busy life of a homeschool mom and a homeschool blogger, I created the Ultimate Life Planner to deal with the busy life of homeschool moms and anybody who wants a better-organized life.

Are you interested to build a homeschool blog? Let me know if you need extra help. I am a virtual assistant that will be happy to discuss with you.

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  1. krismariana says:

    Adelien, I am happy finding a friend of mine become a blogger. Becoming a blogger is great. We can share our experiences and thoughts with others. It also enriches ourselves. 🙂

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