Wonderful Ideas for Being Grateful at Family Fun Friday

Why do you need to show people for being grateful? How can you show your gratitude? Get some wonderful tips & ideas for being grateful at family fun friday.

Thanksgiving is not our holiday, but I really love the main point of Thanksgiving holiday, which is to show being grateful a family is. The dinner and the decoration with the fall settings are supporting each other to show the atmosphere of being grateful.

Isn't it overwhelming show thankfulness with the tradition? God should have known that we are thankful to Him? Is it important to have such decoration and fabulous dinner in the holiday?

Those are the questions I have in my mind the first time I knew about the holiday. With the time rolling I got more points on this holiday

  1. The tradition is an expression to show thankfulness. By expressing it, we will have deeper feeling of being grateful.
  2. I know that God must have known that we are thankful in our heart, but the tradition is to strengthen ourselves. 
  3. Putting some decoration that express being grateful for years long will be very helpful to remind people any time.
  4. By being grateful, we will be more peaceful and less being stressful. We should be able to accept as what it is.

Here are some reading posts I write in this blog:

Today, I am very happy to share with you some wonderful tips and ideas about Being Grateful from some blog posts in Family Fun Friday link up party I love.

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Wonderful Ideas for Being Grateful at Family Fun Friday

From last week, I would like to feature these posts: Wonderful Ideas for Being Grateful at Family Fun Friday  
  1. Practicing Thankfulness at Heart of Deborah I really love this post. People often feel discouraged and desperate for not being thankful for what we have. Being thankful will definitely ease our heart and soul. Thus, it will give a better physical condition.
  2. Free 5 Day Thanksgiving Bible Study for Kids, Adults, or Family at Your Vibrant Family. It is a wonderful reflection for Christians about being thankful. I agree that it is important to show our thankfulness although God knows that we are thankful. It is not for God, but for ourselves to have deeper thankfulness.
  3. Give Thanks Always Sign at Lolly Jane. Thanksgiving is not our holiday here. Well, we live in Indonesia, but I really love this culture. The holiday sounds peaceful for me. What a great Thanksgiving sign.
  4. Gratitude – A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal Book Review at Create with Joy. It is really a wonderful book to go deeper on the feeling of gratitude. Love the images and the words.

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